OpenBTS is revolutionizing mobile networks by substituting legacy telco protocols with Internet Protocol and a flexible software architecture.

Improvements in OpenBTS 4.0 include:

Expanded capacity

The Range Core software has improved concurrent registration processing capacity by 14x, allowing OpenBTS to handle over 1000 subscribers on a single node.

Better security

Improved air interface security through support of the A5/1 and A5/3 encryption algorithms.

New web administrative interface

OpenBTS is now fully instrumented with a JSON API.  Using this API, Range has developed a simple browser-based configuration and management tool. 

Built-in channel scanning

To identify the best transmission channel to configure for operations, OpenBTS now has a built-in channel scanning tool.

New Layer 3

The air interface software has been augmented with a new state machine for greater efficiency in processing Layer 3 messages and overall improved capacity and system performance.

SMS processing

SMS processing capacity has been improved 2.5x.

The open source release of OpenBTS is used and contributed to by developers worldwide. It is intended for experimentation, education, and proof-of-concept uses, and is distributed under AGPLv3 with copyrights assigned to the Free Software Foundation. The OpenBTS Development Kit comes with the standard, public version of OpenBTS

OpenBTS is installed on the Professional Development Kit and all our RapidCell and OpenCell series base stations. These network base station products offer some enhancements additional to the public version of OpenBTS for larger scale, multi-node networks.


  Dev Kit 100mW 1W 10W 50W
  Dev Kit 100mW 1W 10W 50W
Public Release
SMS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Release
Multi ARFCN-capable   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web UI - Network configuration   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Call Support   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Call Database   Yes Yes Yes Yes
GPRS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature-tested 2U enclosure   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Industrial-grade Intel i7 CPU board   Yes Yes Yes Yes
SIM Programmer   Yes Yes Yes Yes